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 glob ConsultingGlobal specializes in placing skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers with Western Canadian businesses. We recruit candidates for our clients from a number of different countries. This ensures that our customers can take advantage of a strong and deep labour pool. Also, Canadian immigration processing times change and differ from country to country. We have the flexibility to select employees from those areas offering the fastest processing times.

While we have have worked with many types of businesses, we particularly focus on the following industries:
  • Hospitality
  • Retail and Sales
  • Construction

  • Health Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation



  • Must receive approval from Service Canada to hire a foreign worker.

  • Must offer wages equal to the prevailing wages for Canadians in the same region and occupation.

  • Need not provide free or subsidized accommodations for the foreign worker.

  • May terminate employment of a foreign worker pursuant to usual provincial labour regulations.

Foreign Worker:

  • Works only for the employer named in the work permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

  • Is employed on a full-time basis (at least 40 hours/week).

  • Meets the requirements set by the employer for language, education and work skills necessary for the job.

  • Obtains a work permit naming you as employer, and a temporary resident visa.

Typical Processing Times:

  • Service Canada Approval 9 – 12 weeks

  • Work Permit Processing anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months (depending on country of origin).

  • Most foreign workers are granted work permits for one or two years, but application can be made to extend this to up to 4 years.

Foreign Workers – Advantages


Many nations offer large and well trained labour forces to choose from . This allows our global network to choose exceptional candidates from a large pool of qualified workers.


Our foreign workers come here to do a job! Most do not have family or social distractions in Canada, which makes for a reliable work force.


Offshore workers must work for the employer named on their work permit. Reduced staff turnover saves employers money, and creates a workforce that can be relied upon.


Our candidates are chosen for their flexibilty in the workplace. Since they are already away from home, working in remote locations isn’t the problem it is for resident Canadians.

Consulting Global  would be pleased to discuss your needs and provide you with further information relating to our services, and the various foreign worker programs that you can take advantage of.

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