Qualification Criteria

What do I need to apply ?

  • Minimum of a Grade 12 education.

  • At least 1 year of related job experience within the past 3 years.

  • Ability to communicate effectively in English.

  • Significant ties to your home country.

  • Pre-medical exam showing that you are FIT TO WORK.

  • Police clearance from all countries in which you have lived or worked.

  • Positive attitude and good work ethic!

How long does it take for me to find a job in Canada?

    There are several steps to finding a position in Canada. All of our applicants must be screened by our local agency first and then have a personal interview by Consulting Global  staff. Once approved, the applicant must provide certified documentation to support educational requirements and work experience. References and documents are verified. Applicants are tested for English and any other skill required by the employer. If your qualifications match the position, we present your Canadian resume to our employers. If selected, we process your application through your local Canadian embassy. How long it will take for you to obtain your visa varies depending upon the visa office in your country of residence.


What They Say ?

  • “When I first started my immigration application process, I was profoundly disappointed in the quality of immigration legal services I received. Consulting Global team  took over my case and everything immediately changed. They helped me out enormously and I am forever in her debt. I can only use superlatives to express my appreciation of her work and her support. “
    Leonid Romascu
    Leonid Romascu, job position: Painter/ Plaster
  • “I appreciate the information, advice and time you have given me. It has sincerely helped me get through this process. Your down to earth nature, your kind approach and your expertise have been invaluable. You’re truly one of a kind and a rarity in your field.”
    Victor Girbu
    Victor Girbu, job position: Carpenter
  • “Your help to us is really appreciated, without you and your company we will not be able to immigrate  in Canada , we deeply say thank you for the green pasture of life and opportunity that you shared on us. Now we can see a bright future for our family.”
    Sasha Roman
    Sasha Roman
  • “Working with Consulting Global has been a wonderful experience, especially with the staff. They are there for you all the time, you will get a response right away on everything that you ask for. Everything that you need assistance with, Consulting  Global is there 101%.”
    Kolodii Igor
    Kolodii Igor, job position: Cook
  • "I have to say your crew are hardworking, professional and pleasant. I have not seen the likes of this in a long time. The enclosure they have created is really impressive”
    Bechkalo Bogdan
    Bechkalo Bogdan, job position: Labourer
Job Term and Contract

Can I remain in Canada after my contract is over ?

    This is a temporary foreign worker program. Your visa will be issued for a one to two year period. Should you be promoted to a supervisory role or be nominated for Permanent Residency Program, it is possible to remain in Canada.

Do I have to stay with the same company during my two year contract ?

    Once you make a commitment to work in Canada for a company that Consulting Global is working with, you will be expected to stay with that company for the full contract. Your employer has a tremendous investment in you. They have waited patiently for you to arrive, they have provided you with transportation and accommodation and they have invested in your training.

Resume Tips

Below is a list of guidelines for preparing your resume.

  1. Your resume must be in English.

  2. It should be one or two pages in length, and never exceed three.

  3. Place your name and contact information at the top of your resume. You may even place this information in the header so that it appears on both pages.

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